How do I troubleshoot laptop, it is working very slow ?

There are numerous ways like uninstalling software, clearing temporary files and all such stuff. They do work but it does not really give you results that you really would like.

How to make your Windows 10 PC boot up faster - BT

I’ll skip these small steps and go straight to what you need to do to permanently increase performance.

Go to Task Manager. Right-click any empty space on the taskbar. Choose Task Manager (or Ctrl+Alt+Del and Task Manager). See what is being utilized.

  1. If processor, check what program is using the highest amount of processor. Uninstall the program if unwanted.
  2. If RAM, then consider a RAM upgrade, I, unfortunately, have no other practical working options here. Even browser like Google Chrome requires a lot of RAM and asking you to uninstall Chrome is illogical since you really need to browse the internet.
  3. If disk utilisation is high, then you have two options. Either wait for all operations to complete and the disk utilisation should go back to normal. If there are way too many pending operations, you are stuck in an endless loop. You try to do something, the disk utilisation is at 100%, neither your task nor the earlier task will be fulfilled. Consider changing to an SSD at this point.

If these did not solve your problem or if hardware upgrade is not your preference, backup all your files, register your antivirus, Office or other software with your Email address, wipe the disk clean and reinstall Windows fresh and fully updated. This should definitely solve the problem.

You may feel free to try the other long process stuff like deleting temporary files, uninstalling unwanted software, removing startup items or a clean boot. If you are lucky, you may have some difference in performance.

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