Top 10 technologies that changed the shape of the world

  • Array Of Things(AoT):

It has been recently launched in Chicago, it aims at mapping the entire city to collect different kinds of data like noise, traffic, humidity, temperature etc. . It will also provide real-time, location-based data about the city’s environment, infrastructure and activity to researchers and the public.
 It can be used to address several challenges like flooding , traffic congestion,safety etc.

  • Swarm Robotics:

It is a multi-robot system inspired from nature which has a great potential in several aspects. It can be used to study the behavior and patterns of different organisms.

The typical applications of swarm robotics are as follows: UAV controlling, post-disaster relief, mining, geological survey, military applications and cooperative transportation. The swarm robotics can complete these tasks through cooperative behavior emerged from the individuals while a single robot can barely adapt to such situation. This is the reason why the swarm robotics has become an important research field in last decade.

  • Hyperloop:

Hyperloop is a proposed mode of transportation which will revolutionize the way one travels. The distance which earlier took 11hrs to travel can now be covered within 50 minutes using hyperloop.

  • Li-Fi (Light Fidelity):

Similar to Wi-Fi , a new concept called Li-Fi is being developed which uses visible light for transmission instead of RF signals. Unlike the RF signals visible light is more focused and concentrated . It is much more faster than WiFi . Researchers at Oxford achieved a speed of 224 Gigabits per second in the lab, which is over 200 times faster than a Google Fiber internet connection.

LiFi has other advantages too – as it uses visible light it cannot penetrate through walls, offering a higher degree of privacy to the users. However it is still at an experimental stage.

  • RadarCat:

It is a technology that uses Google’s project Soli for object recognition and can be used for a wide range of application from helping the blind to replacing the barcodes. And it also opens up new opportunities in Industrial automation.

Also known by different names like driverless car or self-driving car. It uses techniques like computer vision and GPS, for navigating and driving the car with the help of Artificial intelligence.

  • Robotic prosthetic limbs and bionic eye:

The prosthetic limbs can be used to aid the disabled and bionic eye can help the blind individuals to see this beautiful world.

  • 3 D printing :(Thanks for the suggestions Rahul)

It finds a wide range of applications from producing artificial organs to building architectural marvels.Many different materials can be used for 3 D printing, such as ABS plastic, PLA, polyamide (nylon), glass filled polyamide, stereolithography materials (epoxy resins), silver, titanium, steel, wax, photo polymers and poly carbonate.

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