What Are The Top Trends In Web Development: 2020

Top 12 Trends for Web Development To Look Out For in 2020

As a web developer, there is a constant requirement to keep up with the upcoming web development trends. Developers work in an environment that is continuously evolving and need to adapt to any shifts in technology.

Thereby it becomes vital to familiarize oneself with web development and cross-browser testing shifts in order to sustain alongside the ever-rising competition and to improve one’s knowledge.

So in order to make sure that you don’t fall behind, you need to constantly upskill yourself and keep up with these web development trends. As ignoring these modifications and recent techs may ultimately result in damage to your business. Let’s take a scenario, nowadays users have been relying a lot on voice search, but what happens if your website is not optimised for it. You’d lose your business to your competitors who have made this extra effort. So, it is always good to be changing with the times and adopting new technologies. By keeping this in mind, I’ve written about the 21 top web development trends that might help you along the way.

Progressive Web Applications

Have you ever encountered a notification while exploring a website on a slow network that says, “Download the fast and lighter version of XYZ?”. Well, I certainly do a lot of times. Many companies have converted their mobile website into the “Lighter” version and you would often see Lite written below mobile sites for these reasons. These “lighter” versions of web applications are called progressive web applications.

According to Statista, more than half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices and while users don’t prefer to install the application that often, they visit hundreds of websites per month. To give the users a mobile application like experience progressive web apps are used as they are fast, integrated, reliable and engaging.

Sometimes the Progressive Web Application even provides a web link shortcut to the home screen and provides push notifications to engage the customers even more. So it works as a mobile app without actually being the mobile app. This is becoming an absolute trend in web development and if you want users to stick to your website and return often, progressive web applications are something you should learn and implement. As an example, I have attached my browser screen for Aliexpress mobile website and I am sure it would be hard to recognize if it is a mobile website or an app screenshot. Just as your regular web application it is important to test your PWA for any cross-browser compatibility issues.


One of the most popular web development trends, Chatbots, needs no introduction today. They have become a primary choice for interacting with the customers in many B2C companies and not surprisingly, they have been very successful. Not only the big giants but also the smaller business have moved towards the chatbots to handle customer queries and provide quick solutions to them. In 2020, it is an added skill for the web developers to know how chatbots are created and deploy them on the website.

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Selenium Automation Testing

As a web development trend, Selenium Test Automation is more important than any other trend. We can keep as much as any trend we want, but they’ll be only good if our web applications are performing seamlessly on any browser or if there are any cross browser compatibility issues

Selenium Automation Testing | Software testing, Selenium, Automation

Website creation and website testing are two very different jobs. They are so different that developers are often not advised to perform testing and leave it on the professional testers. Testing has its own challenges like resources, tools, which way to go and obviously time. Website testing apart from UI testing and back-end logic testing also includes cross-browser testing which is an umbrella to all the types of testing.

How Does Selenium Automation Testing Work? - InfiniGEEK

Cross-browser testing means testing your website on different browsers and operating systems and ensuring that they work perfectly in all of them. Cross-browser has the main challenge above all, i.e. time. Since there are thousands of browsers (including mobile browsers and different versions of all of them), testing your website on them one by one takes a lot of time. A lot. So to deal with this, we go towards the automation testing way. Automation testing improves the time taken in testing your website across different browsers by writing automation scripts in tools such as Selenium. By running these test scripts, we can just sit back and watch the tests being run automatically round the clock without manually intervening them. Selenium Test Automation also enables a feature of running the tests at regular intervals so that whenever a newer version of a browser is released in the market, these tests are run automatically.

JavaScript Frameworks

Javascript is one of the first things we learn while learning web development. It helps us provide dynamic behaviour to the website and perform certain server-related functions onto the client machine. Considering this, it is a fact that JS is used heavily on every website today.

5 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Comparison in 2020

But, while working with a few web developers on some projects I have found that developers sometimes try to develop a few things from scratch and end up coding a totally different thing than what they had thought of.

The problem here is, developers do not look out for JavaScript frameworks that can do the required job in a few lines of code. For example, I might want to put some animations onto my website to improve the user experience.

Best JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Tools to Use in 2020

But developing it from scratch and applying logic to it will take a lot of time. On the other hand, I can use a JavaScript framework called Anime.JS which will not only provide the animations I wanted but on top of it, it contains a lot of other cool functions. So, for a developer, it is always better to look out for any new JS Frameworks which makes our job far easier.

JS Frameworks are not just vital as a web development trend but they are also extremely useful to perform Selenium test automation for your website and web applications. Here are a few JS Test automation frameworks you might like:

Single Page Applications

The recent web development trends have moved from creating a multiple page application to an application providing every relevant information on a single page.

Single Page Applications vs Multiple Page Applications — Do You ...

A single page application or popularly called SPA creates a better user experience since all that is important comes on a single page rather visiting multiple URLs and remembering which page had which element or function.

Single-page applications also derive their popularity from the fact that users have switched their mode to mobiles for browsing the websites.

How Single Page Applications Enhance the User Experience - Web3Canvas

A SPA gives the user a mobile experience like scrolling down with the touch, an experience nowadays also included in desktops and laptops.
Single-page applications are extremely popular these days and to survive in the market, it is advisable to go for them while building a website.

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