What was the dumbest technology trend that has since faded?

What was the dumbest technology trend that has since faded? - Quora

Who on earth wants to stand up and break a sweat while playing a videogame? I prefer the La-Z-Boy, thanks.

Between 2007–2012, it seemed like all that game companies would advertise were their stupid motion controlled games. Fat cats in suits got it in their heads that the idea was cool… But it wasn’t.

I blame Wii Sports. In any case, these games were pure trash. They’d always have fourth rate graphics, and the gameplay generally consisted of things you already could do in real life.

Wii Outdoor Challenge *Outdoors not included

Worse, motion control responsiveness would completely blow half the time. The other half? It’d outright suck. Sensors often wouldn’t want to work, and could completely screw you over during whatever game you were playing.

The height of terrible motion controls was the “Kinect”. If you ever need blackmail material on your friend, film them trying to use one of those things…

There’s no graceful way to use the Kinect. It involves a lot of waving your hands in the middle of space, waiting for the device to recognize you, and crying. The more exaggerated your movements, the better it works — but, it also leaves you looking like a madman.

The Kinect is probably what killed motion controls, come to think of it. Xbox One tried making it required hookup, but nobody wanted it. The thing looked like a cross between Hal 9000 and a night stick.

It also didn’t help that it could read heartrate, record voice, recognize facial features, and track muscle movements — especially when it became known that its infrared motion-tracking worked best in the dark.

Motion controlled videogames were a cute while they lasted. But, I’m glad they’re dead.

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